Individual Exhibitions


1957         -Room of Exhibitions of the Direction General of Fine Arts, Madrid (Spain)
1958         -Buchholtz Gallery, Madrid (Spain)
1960         -Sala Nebli, Madrid (Spain)
                  -Woodstock Hall, London (England)
1961         -Ateneo de Madrid, Madrid (Spain)
1963         -Art - Artistic society of Macedonia, Salónica (Greece)
                  -Tartesios Gallery, Torremolinos (Spain)
                  -Art Hilton room, Athens (Greece)
1965         -Iván Spence Gallery, Ibiza (Spain)
1966         -Room of exhibitions of the Direction General of Fine Arts, Madrid (Spain)
                  -Astor Gallery, Athens (Greece)
1968         -Grises Galley, Bilbao (Spain)
1969         -Anhalt & Fleischer Gallery, Los Angeles (EE.UU.)
1970         -Art Hilton room, Nicosia (Greece)
                  -Iván Spence Gallery, Ibiza (Spain)
1971         -Seiquer Gallery, Madrid (Spain)
                  -Art Hilton room, Athens (Greece)
1973         -Nova Gallery, Barcelona (Spain)
                  -Seiquer Gallery, Madrid (Spain)
1974         -Hall of Art of Athens, Athens (Greece)
1975         -Ynguanzo Gallery, Madrid (Spain)
1977         -Simbolos y Mensajes, Art Desmós room , Athens (Greece)
1980         -Ynguanzo Gallery, Madrid (Spain)
1985         -Nées Morfés Gallery, Athens (Greece)
1988         -Nées Morfés Gallery, Athens (Greece)
1989         -Art Epojés room, Kifisiá, Athens (Greece)

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