Personal history


 He was born in Athens on July 4, 1922.

 He shows great ease in drawing and painting since his childhood.

 First prize, end of career in the School of Fine Arts in Athens.

 He goes to Spain in 1952 with a Scholarship from the School of Fine Arts of San Fernando in Madrid.

 Artistic movements of his time in Spain: A few years after finishing his studies in the School of Fine Arts in Madrid, there arise with great strength a group of artists seeking to break with the past, and which have a determinant influence in Dimitris work and identity as an artist: "El Paso" in Madrid and "Dau al Set" in Catalonia.

 He develops the most important part of his talent as an artist in Spain, up to the point of being considered a Spanish artist.

 He receives the award of the "Crítica del Ateneo" in 1961, Madrid.

 The poet José Hierro writes: ("Art chronicle 1961"):... painted with ochre, reddish, grey sand. Smooth backrounds of deaf vibration, overwhich he situates forms in relief, sandy, as pieces of toasted and cracked by the sun, rainstained walls. How difficult it is to express the feeling of peace, truth, almost accidental equilibrium of objects in his paintings. How difficult it is to understand that we are dealing with an honest, genuine artist, painting with all the possibilities of a good hand - created kitchen. It is difficult to not start writing about the Cosmos, Chaos and time - space relation. After all it is useless to express the emanation of art; that which is only experienced and loved in front of the object causing it. On the other hand, my mission as an article - writer does not consist in defining for historical reasons, but more modestly to communicate to the reader that there are exhibitions "like this one".



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